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After my interview with Dr. Chin, I wanted to dig deeper into why CBD is a daily regimen for some and a “wait and see” for others (consumers and doctors). 

Are CBD’s out of the blue remedies?

What I mean is, why all of the sudden, seemingly, is everyone from my 85 year old grandmother to my neighbour ‘s dog taking CBD? 

Undoubtedly, the benefits of CBD are receiving a lot of attention lately for a wide variety of mental and physical complaints. Even though the buzz for CBD use seems recent, this herb has been used successfully for thousands for years for its innumerable benefits. Some of the first uses of hemp and CBD have been noted in Chinese literature since 2,600BC. Since cannabinoids have many functions throughout the body, there are a multitude of reasons to incorporate CBD and other plant cannabinoids into your daily health routine. 

Is the “self care” revolution driving the CBD craze?

People are taking the time to invest in self-care because it can lead to a better quality of life, they are using plant power, healthier diet and lifestyle choices and moving away from synthetic drugs. In the case of CBD, you do not need a physicians’ recommendation to purchase it. CBD administration decreases activation of brain regions responsible for anxiety, fear and the processing of these emotions. In states of stress that can lead to feelings of worry and low mood, CBD has been shown to reduce these negative effects and can alleviate symptoms of fear and sadness. CBD calms the mind without causing drowsiness. It can decrease feelings of anxiousness caused by excessive THC. It can influence pain and inflammation and one of the most common reasons people cite for using CBD is its balancing effects. 

With all that, why do some take a “wait and see” approach?

Top integrative and functional medicine experts are getting behind CBD but there is a call formore research studies on interactions, doses and contraindications and for standardization and regulations over the products on the market. Hemp, CBD, and other phytocannabinoids have been associated with unwanted effects for so long that the plant has been unfairly stigmatized and, as a result, many miss out on its numerous benefits. Scientists are hoping that these attitudes will change. Hemp has been used for wellness arguably longer than any other plant, and it can be a powerful and beneficial addition to your wellness routine. 

Listen to my next podcast with Dr. Chin where we will discuss her success with treating epilepsy and other specific conditions with CBD.