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The Science of CBD

A podcast by Twinlab®

This video podcast is the center of our CBD education platform. In this podcast, offered in both English and Spanish, Professor of Nutraceutical Sciences at Huntington University & Director of Formulation at Twinlab®, Gene Bruno will cover topics on all information related to hemp, phytocannabinoids and CBD. Prof. Bruno and his distinguished panel of guest experts give expert insight into the latest on:

  • the legality of hemp
  • active dosages and forms of phytocannabinoids
  • how CBD affects your body
  • current key product comparisons
  • ground-breaking research developments

Professor Bruno will also delve deeper into CBD and phytocannabinoid research topics in masterclass webinar format. Feel confident and informed about this potent health supplement with this source for accurate and relevant CBD information.

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