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Did you know Vitamin D deficiency is present in about 42% of the U.S. population? In fact, vitamin D insufficiency is present in 77% of the population.  

Why? Actually, the answer is quite simple: vitamin D is created when sunlight hits our skin and converts cholesterol under the surface into vitamin D.  In previous times, Americans spent a lot more time outdoors – people worked outside in the agricultural or development industries, and after the industrial revolution walk or bike to work. Today, Americans spend a lot more time indoors and they don’t get much sun exposure – and when we do, we often cover up with clothing and use sun block that inhibits the production of vitamin D. 

If you’re wondering: what does Vitamin D have to do with the Endocannabinoid system? Actually, a lot!

Remember from my earlier blogs, the Endocannabinoid System maintains the crucial homeostasis of many body functions and has an affect on the way our bodies regulate important body systems like stress response, sleep and inflammation around your body..  Since the ECS works with so many different body systems, there are many ways that the ECS can be thrown out of whack.  Like Vitamin D deficiency.

Studies have shown, there is a strong correlation between the prevalence of anxiety in various population groups, and vitamin D deficiency. In other words, this research has shown us that lower levels of vitamin D can negatively affect cellular signaling and neural activity in the brain – causing an inhibited stress response.  This means, if you’re not getting a lot of sunlight, or vitamin D through other means like wholefoods or supplementation, then your ECS might very well be thrown out of whack and you might be feeling extra cloudy because of it.  

Vitamin D

So, what can you do? The obvious answer is to get outside more and start looking for Vitamin D in your supplements. If you find a CBD with vitamin D, even better. The CBD allows for the prolonged usage of stored-up endocannabinoids and can help protect your vitamin D levels! 

That’s one powerful dynamic duo if I might say so myself!