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CBD: A Powerful Ally

It wasn’t until recently that athletes started trying CBD and realizing the impressive impact that it has made on both performance and recovery. Today, professional athletes like Nate Diaz (professional UFC fighter) are making this potent plant (hemp) a powerful ally in various types of competitive sport. Nevertheless, we know phytocannabinoids are a friend of the weekend warrior who wants to pursue sport without all its associated aches and pains; professional, semi-professional, and amateur athletes alike, are now beginning to enjoy the soothing and alleviating effects of phytocannabinoids. Here are the ways that plant cannabinoids can improve your athletic game, and help you feel a little more like a professional athlete:

Relief where you need it most

If you’re anything of an athlete, then you know all too well the feeling of muscle aches and pains. You may even have tried everything already: Epson salt, ice packs, hot showers, ice baths, etc. Now, I’m not saying to stop your recovery regimen altogether, because those have all worked for me in the past; but most of the time, I experienced a temporary and shallow relief from my symptoms when I needed deep relief working over a long period of time – and that’s where traditional workout recovery methods lack. You really need something that works internally to help alleviate the feeling of inflammation, but don’t want to turn to medications due to the unwelcome side-effects. Phytocannabinoids can be a great alternative. It acts on CB receptors in The Endocannabinoid System to promote pain tolerance while also helping to reduce the flood of inflammatory chemicals that is characteristic of muscle soreness and inflammation from physical overexertion. Since phytocannabinoids work through your Endocannabinoid System, you’ll also receive general endocannabinoid support for your other body systems and health benefits like improved sleep onset, and stress management.

Also, we shouldn’t ignore the powerful calming benefits of the hemp plant, which has useful applications for athletes who struggle to stay focused and calm (think pre-race/ match/ competition jitters). For all you golfers, hitting under par is already difficult enough as it is, but phytocannabinoids will help keep you calm, relaxed and focused during your most important shots.

Getting proper sleep, physical medicine such as physiotherapy, and nutrition are important in keeping your body in top shape to pursue your athletic goals, but supplementation is a powerful tool that shouldn’t be overlooked.

An Important Caveat

The US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) states that CBD-isolate is a legal substance in sport, and any of the +100 other phytocannabinoids found in an athlete’s bloodstream could be grounds for disqualification. Contrastingly, the Food and Drug Administration considers CBD-isolate to be an illegal ingredient in dietary supplements, resulting in a paradox between the USADA and the FDA. Therein lies the rub: serious athletes are now faced with the difficult decision to abandon the long-term solution for physical inflammation from constant overexertion, to meet the uniformed standards and expectations of the USADA. Ultimately, phytocannabinoids are more effective than CBD-isolate. So, if you’re interested in experiencing how phytocannabinoids can improve your sporting life, here are the 2 Must Haves in your Next Bottle of CBD. However, if you’re a professional or collegiate athlete, you might want to steer clear of phytocannabinoids altogether since CBD-isolate is illegal, and it’s almost impossible to know if the company that you are purchasing from has accountable testing practices with COA’s (Certificate of Analysis). Regardless, I encourage you to find a brand that you can trust; one that respects you and the law’s integrity and provides full-spectrum phytocannabinoid products.