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Feeling tired and stressed? 

If you’re feeling particularly out of sorts, you may visit your doctor only to learn that all of your bloodwork is normal. Much of the time people are told that their symptoms are due to stress. This can be frustrating because we may have little ability to alter the factors in our lives that are causing stress, such as work, finances, or family. You may go to a yoga class or meditate, or try to watch your diet, but sometimes these measures aren’t enough. 

People are using this plant’s power more than ever to protect their health in the face of damaging stress. Cannabinoids from the hemp plant can be a gentle, yet effective tool to bring your body back into balance. Plant cannabinoids are receiving a large amount of buzz for their gentle, sustainable, yet potent effects in bringing many of the body’s systems back into optimal working order.

Your body makes its natural cannabinoids and produces receptors that unlock their mood-boosting, calming, ache-relieving effects.  However, if you have for too long, your body may have an endocannabinoid deficiency that can result in suboptimal function of many body systems from your brain to your gut. That’s where supplementation comes in.

How Hemp Can Improve Your Wellness Regimen

Hemp, CBD, and other phytocannabinoids have been associated with unwanted effects for so long that the plant has been unfairly stigmatized and, as a result, many miss out on its numerous benefits. Scientists are hoping that these attitudes will change. Hemp has been used for wellness arguably longer than any other plant, and it can be a powerful and beneficial addition to your wellness routine.

Some benefits of phytocannabinoid supplementation include better sleep, improved mood, increased pain tolerance, better digestion, and an overall balancing effect on the body.

To protect your body against the risks of endocannabinoid deficiency there are certain lifestyle changes that you can make; exercise, eat well, spend some time with loved ones and do things that give you joy and excite you. Unfortunately, these measures aren’t always enough to prevent an endocannabinoid deficiency. 

Supplementing Plant Cannabinoids for Health

Scientists are working hard to determine the exact targets and solutions for a variety of conditions. Whole plant extract helps to eliminate the guesswork as to which cannabinoid you may need and lets nature do the rest. By consuming an extract of the whole hemp plant, you are receiving a multitude of beneficial plant chemicals that work in synergy to balance the body, creating what scientists have called a health-promoting “entourage effect.”